Make Money Writing Online: The Easy Way to Make Money Online for Beginners

If you’re looking to improve your writing skills while at the same time learn how to make money writing online, you’re in the right place, because that’s how I make money online.In fact, article marketing is not only easy but really quite rewarding, both monetarily and emotionally, once you learn these simple tips to make money online for beginners…The reason why I’m such a strong advocate of article marketing is because it’s free. And, if you’re just beginning this thing called online marketing, you don’t want to lose your entire marketing budget before you know what you’re doing. Internet article marketing is a great way to earn as you learn!Just follow these easy steps to make money writing online…Step #1: Provide valuable information for the reader.Remember that when the average person goes online to search, they’re generally looking for one of two things; either they’re looking to alleviate pain of some sort, or they’re looking for some kind of pleasure.Your job as an online marketer, is to try to imagine what your reader is looking for. What kind of problem might they have that would lead them to search for the product or service that just happens to be the magic potent for them?When you put the focus on others instead of how you can make money writing online, success will follow to you. People love to be entertained, and when you can give them what they want, they will subscribe to you articles for more information.Furthermore, if your article appears too promotional, you are not very likely to have it accepted by most high PR article directories.Step 2: Begin your content with keyword research when you set out to make money writing online.Google will rank your content on the internet based on only two elements: relevancy and popularity. When you find a keyword phrase that people are searching for, all you need to do is make sure that this phrase is in your title, first sentence, last sentence, and in three additional sub-headings throughout the article. A “long tail” (phrase with several words) phrase is especially easier to rank for.You can determine the number of searches for a particular keyword phrase by accessing the Google external keyword tool, “”.Step 3: Submit your content to high page ranking article directories, as well as your blog.Of course, you will need to submit a different version of your article in each directory, because nobody likes to have the same material as what’s already plastered all over the internet! But this can work in your favor, because when you’re linking to another article of relevant material, you’re giving that article “popularity” which is what Google looks for.Be sure that your links come from quality high PR sites. You can check the Alexa score of any website by simply going to and enter in the website address for which you wish to inquire. The lower the score, the more popular the site.Remember when you’re using internet article marketing, the average person doesn’t like to read much, so make it an easy read. Keep your vocabulary simple and do not put more than a couple of sentences in each paragraph, giving the article a look with a lot of “white space”.Promotion is critical when you want to make money writing online…What’s the use of posting on your blog or article directory if nobody’s out there reading it? This is something that actually builds over time, because your site isn’t popular until plenty of people have seen and commented on your site.And, since Google ranks according to popularity, how in the heck can you make it popular to begin with if nobody sees it?YouTube videos are useful in this case. However, you must make sure that you don’t become overly promotional in the video. Simply be entertaining or educational, and provide your blog link below the video for more information. When people go to your blog for more information, that’s where you can put in links galore to capture your leads!Make sure you have a call to action whenever you work to make money writing online…If you post in an article directory, you’ll have the opportunity to put two or more links in the “resource box” at the end of the article. This is where you are allowed to be a little promotional.It’s a good idea to not write about yourself here, but instead continue on with the article as if you are providing more information, because you definitely want your reader to read this section!If you put your content into the Ezines article directory, you will be able to track your performance for free, as they tell you how many people have read each of your articles, and what your “click through rate” (CTR) is, which is a tremendous educational tool when you’re learning how to make money writing online.You’ll want to put your keyword phrase as your “anchor text”, which is the clickable text that people click on to gain access to your video or money page. The html format is easily obtained for your resource box if you first create your content in a blog, with user friendly techniques for creating links.I like to put two different keyword phrases at the end of my article, each with a clickable link that drives traffic to my video, blog, or capture page.

The Feds Aim to Expand Credit

A new program by the Federal Reserve is aimed at making it easier for consumers to get credit cards and auto-loans. These loans might not necessarily be at lower interest rates but should be easier to obtain. The goal of the Fed is obviously to loosen credit markets and once again spark consumer spending. Next month the U.S. central bank will begin offering up to $200 billion in loans to investors that have triple a rated securities backed by new consumer loans and small business loans as well. The lack of credit available for both consumers and businesses has devastated our economy. In order for our country to come out of this recession we will need to make credit available again for consumers.Credit card companies have been cutting back on the number of new customers as investors have fled the purchase of credit card bonds. The amount of new credit card solicitations has almost completely gone non-existent. Card issuers are now pulling out of many affiliate-marketing programs as well. Credit card affiliates direct new customers to card issuers who in turn pay a commission to the website should the application is approved. However, since November of 2008 many card issuers have been removing certain card offers from the affiliate marketing channel. However, as market conditions worsen, some card issuers have completely pulled out of the affiliate channel. Bank of America, Chase, American Express, Citigroup and new Capital One has either pulled out completely or partially from affiliate marketing channels.In addition to acquiring fewer customers, card issuers have also cut back lines of credit for existing customers. The lack of credit availability has created a domino effect across every sector of the economy. Consumers have been spending less due to the lack of credit. The lack of consumer spending then causes retailers to cut back on employees, thus continuing the loss of jobs.The flow of credit back to consumers will spur spending once again. This new program by the Federal Reserve is supposed to address the lack of consumer liquidity directly. Credit card issuers rely on the purchase of credit card backed bonds in order to continue lending. Credit card companies do not keep loans on their books. They sell the loans on Wall Street as bonds. The idea behind the Federal Reserves new consumer lending program is to get investors purchasing consumer loan type bonds. This includes car loans as well.Our country needs credit to help sell products. The auto industry has also been devastated by the credit crisis. Every automaker from General Motors to Toyota has experienced losses never seen before. Car dealers do not blame the lack of traffic into their dealerships for the lack of sales. They are unable to obtain financing for a large percentage of new customers. Carmakers have been forced to shut down production in order for dealerships to sell off excessive inventory. The plant shut downs have affected the entire automotive supply chain. Point Logistics, a dedicated trucking company for General Motors has seen a 50% decrease in its business. This has forced the company to cut back on employees and reduce hours as well.As I have said many times before, the Obama administration has a very difficult job ahead of them. The new government spending initiatives are aimed at creating new jobs. Consumers without employment can not pay debt, nor can they make major purchases, such as automobiles and other higher dollar goods. I am hopeful that the new administration will succeed at restoring our economy back to normal.

Various Sources of UK Finance

Finance is extremely important for all kinds of businesses especially if you wish to make a business successful then you really need a good amount of finance with you to help you through. if you have started a business in UK then attaining finance will not be a problem for you because UK Finance is available in nearly all kinds and forms. No matter what your requirement is you will always be able to find a good source of finance for you. The companies offering finance services in UK cover all sectors you will find UK leasing finance company, UK debt collection finance company to also a UK finance company offering you venture capital.You will also be able to get companies that will help you in arranging and purchasing a lease for you. The information technology sector has most facilities regarding the finance. For financing or purchasing technological instruments you can seek assistance from Corporate Computer Lease Plc. This company has been labeled as one of the fastest growing company in UK and is currently catering to more than 500 satisfied customers on daily basis.You will get companies that will fund you for hardware as well. some companies services are diversified that they provide finance for both small businesses, industrial and agricultural operations. One such company is called Richard Mares Asset Finance it handles all the finances for agricultural and industrial sector. If you are looking for companies that will help you in financing for equipment leasing, or you are looking for assistance in mortgage or commercial finance then you should approach Another good option that you have with you is 1st Leasing Company. You can go to their website to see the many kinds of finance offered by them. If you wish to attain finance above £5,000 then firms such as 1 pm are best suited for you as they look after your needs properly.If your financial needs are related to industrial plants or machinery then you should contact Corporate Business Finance. They will provide finance for purchasing, leasing, capital, factoring and mortgage.Those who are just starting business in UK usually find it difficult to attain financial assistance the reason being all the financial companies prefer financing established companies. However, there are certain companies such as Oak Leasing that caters to the needs of newly set business really well.